Pupil Personnel Services

Academic Support Services


Students needed additional academic support should reach out to their teacher for tutoring services as the first option. Additionally, each school provides academic support during advisory hours for students who are struggling or need clarification on course work.  Students should consult with their teachers and/or their school counselor about academic supports.


Students who failed a required class will need to retake the class the following school year. Students can also choose to take it in summer school for a fee. Students who are credit deficient senior year will be offered correspondence classes for the missing credits at a cost.


Teachers may have calendars, assignments, and resources online for students to access when absent from school.  Students/parents are encouraged to email teachers to coordinate make-up work.  Students absent for an extended period of time are encouraged to contact their counselors for assistance with make-up work. Students absent from school due to a school-sponsored field trip are required to make arrangements for assignments from their teachers and are required to turn in missed work immediately upon their return to school.


Students who are experiencing difficulty with their subjects are advised to see their individual instructor first for help or suggestions. If the student continues to struggle academically the student should see his/her counselors for other ideas. All students are strongly encouraged to attend the academic assistance program.


MTSS is a framework used to provide support for all learners, from classroom instruction that addresses different learning styles to intense, individualized support for struggling students.